Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I know there are so many things to think about and so many choices to be made. I do hope you will take a look at my website as you ponder the type of ceremony you would like.

I am a born and bred Charlestonian who has lived many other places, but has serendipitously found myself back in the Lowcountry. I married my high school sweetheart in Charleston (I know what it’s like to plan a wedding here!) we have two young boys and two cats. I have lived in West Africa, Alabama, Texas and life has come full circle back to Charleston. I have Master of Divinity and Master of Social Work degrees, both from Baylor University. I am both a social worker and minister by trade. I have always found myself drawn to the depths of life, and this seems to be exemplified by my two interests: helping children in times of deep pain and celebrating with couples in times of great joy! It would be my honor for you to peruse my website.

My Philosophy on Weddings
Although I LOVE officiating weddings, I am also interested in the journey of marriage. My degrees offer me the special skill set to help you prepare for the rich experience of journeying alongside someone for the rest of your lives. That’s why I am so keen on offering premarital coaching. My goal in coaching is to help you think about things in a new way, or better yet, to help you think about things you may have never thought about. As far as your ceremony, I aim to craft a personal, heartfelt ceremony that reflects your life as a couple. My goal is for people to leave your ceremony having learned something about you as a couple that they might not have known before.

“That love is all there is is all we know of love.” - Emily Dickinson.

"With full hearts, we recommend LeAnn to any couple seeking a creative, personal, and memorable ceremony. Logistically, working with LeAnn was a dream. Whether via skype, email, or in person, she made us feel comfortable and confident about our choice. LeAnn sincerely cares about the couples she works with and takes the time to learn about their journey. We were so impressed with her ability to weave our narratives together to create a beautiful tribute to our relationship during her remarks. Everyone kept raving about our ceremony during the reception – it is truly what made our day so special." ~ Cassandra Zacharkiw, Washington, D.C.